Photo Contest Results

FNC Bank is excited to announce the winners of our calendar photo contest!  With a desire to highlight the beauty of Western Wisconsin, FNC Bank held a photo contest seeking local photos to be featured in our 2024 custom wall calendar.  With numerous beautiful entries to choose from, selecting the winners was no easy task. We are proud to feature the following winning photos in our 2024 FNC Bank wall calendar.  Thank you to all who participated in the contest and congratulations to winning photos!

Cover 1: “Willow River Falls”
Location: Willow River State Park, Hudson, WI
Photographer: Adam Farness

Adam Farness_Willow River Falls

Cover 2: “Swans on Glen Lake”
Location: Glenwood City, WI
Photographer: Heidi Eliason

Heidi Eliason_Swan on the Lake

December 2023: “Baby Nigerian Having a Rest”
Location: Glenwood Apple Orchard, Glenwood City, WI
Photographer: Mateja Klobushar

Day Mattingly_Baby goats

January: “Fresh Snowfall”
Location: Roberts, WI
Photographer: Terresa Thompson

Terresa Thompson_Fresh Snowfall

February: “Geese in Flight”
Location: Farmland, North of Amery, WI
Photographer: Carl Wegener

Carl Wegener_Geese In Flight

March: “A Moment of Wonder”
Location: Hills of Troy, Hudson, WI
Photographer: Chad Hoag

Chad Hoag_Pavillion Northern Lights

April“Peacock Looking Over Farm Friends”
Location: New Richmond, WI
Photographer: Brian Elling

0424_Brian Elling_Peacock

May“God’s Wonderous Creation”
Location: Waters Edge, New Richmond, WI
Photographer: Jeanne Salmon

Jeanne Salmon_Beautiful Sunset

June“Beauty of the Fish Pond”
Location: Fish Pond Downtown Dresser, WI
Photographer: Katie Raddatz

Katie Raddatz_Fish Pond

July“Cascade Falls - 2010”
Location: Osceola, WI
Photographer: Robert Anthony

Robert Anthony_Cascade Falls 2010

August“Storm Moving In”
Location: Cedar Lake, Star Prairie, WI
Photographer: Robin Peterson

Robin Peterson_Storm Moving

September“Field of Sunshine”
Location: Highway 65, Star Prairie, WI
Photographer: Joe Tallarico

Joe Tallarico_Sunflower

October: “Old Country Bridge”
Location: New Richmond, WI
Photographer: Jordan Fischer

Jordan Fischer_Bridge behind Heritage Center
November“Autumn Mist on the St. Croix River”
Location: Dalles of the St. Croix, St. Croix Falls, WI
Photographer: Gary Noren

Gary Noren_Dalles of St Croix_reduce.jpg
December“Traveling Christmas Tree”
Location: Prospect Park, Hudson, WI
Photographer: Troy Schmidt

Christmas tree