Health Savings Account

Do you have a high-deductible health plan? The Health Savings Account allows you to make contributions while earning tax-free interest and take tax-free distributions for qualified medical expenses.


  • Individual must be covered by a HSA-eligible plan
  • Must not be enrolled in Medicare
  • No Income Limit
  • HSA Plan will have a high deductible 
Qualified medical expenses are defined by IRS Publication 502 Section 213(d). Some examples include: doctors' fees, prescription and non-prescription medicines, durable medical equipment, etc. These are expenses that can be incurred by you, your spouse, or your dependents.

HSA Contribution Limits

You can make a contribution to your Health Savings Account each year that you are eligible. The yearly limits are:
$4,150 Self-only coverage (2024)
$8,300 Family coverage (2024)
Individuals age 55 and older can also make additional "catch-up" contributions. The maximum annual catch-up contribution is $1,000.00.
An HSA is owned by an individual, not an employer. Your employer may choose to make contributions to your HSA as a part of your benefits package. However, if you are switching to a new job, the HSA will go with you.
The Health Savings Account at FNC Bank is flexible and easy to use with the option of writing checks, using a debit card, or both. Your account earns interest and you can keep track of your account online.


Additional benefits:

  • No minimum balance to open the account
  • Interest paid on balances over $499.99
  • No charge online banking
  • First order of select checks complimentary
  • Debit Card optional
  • Monthly statements with check images

 Visit any FNC Bank branch or call 715-246-6901 to get started.