Receive 1098 & 1099 Tax Documents Electronically

Signing up to receive your 1098 & 1099 Tax Documents is fast and easy at FNC Bank!
  1. Login to your FNC Bank online banking account (if you currently don't have online banking, call us at 715.246.6901 to establish an online account).
  2. Click on eStatements (in the top bar)
  3. Click Sign Up/Changes
  4. Verify that all of your enrolled accounts have a check mark in each box, then, click on the little green button to the left of each account.  Simply make check marks in each of the documents you wish to be available to you online.
  5. Click Save Settings
  6. Click "I Agree"
By completing these few steps, your current and future tax documents will be made available to you online to access, at your convenience,  any time!  You only need to set this process up once and these documents will be available to you online for each year going forward.
Note: IRA and HSA 1099 documents are not available on online and will be mailed to you.
If you have questions, please call the FNC Bank Personal Banker Team at 715.246.6901.